Vanessa Upton in Latex Catsuit


Vanessa Upton is probably the UK’s most famous fetish model. We can remember her wearing latex portraying the character of Elexis Sinclaire to promote the videogame ‘Sin’ way back in the late 90’s, a role which Bianca Beauchamp recently reprised for the sequel, ‘Sin Episodes: Emergence’.

Vanessa has been featured in every newspaper and magazine you can think of bringing her own brand of kink to the mainstream. There are so many striking photos of her, but this is one of our favourites with Vanessa looking stunning in a classic skin-tight black latex catsuit. Enjoy!

Vanessa Upton in Latex Catsuit



  1. Sensitive, exciting, a really good picture of a beatiful lady….

  2. Oh my word! What a heart-stopping image!
    What an absolutely stunning-looking lady!
    As best as I can recollect, I’ve never seen or heard of Vanessa Sinclair before, but you can bet your life savings that —from this point onward— I’ll be searching EVERYWHERE for every available picture of her!
    Love that provacative pose she’s making.
    And that catsuit is positively stupendous — love the little purple designs on it.
    It also looks like maybe she’s holding a pair of over-inflated soccer balls on the front of her chest underneath the catsuit.
    You folks have been posting such an amazing array of photos recently that I’ve been spending more time on LatexGirlsHD than I’ve spent popping pimples or seeing to other matters of proper personal hygiene.
    Hmmm . . . now that I think about it, perhaps I HAVE seen this delectable latex lady before, but I’m not sure where.
    I’ll get back with you on this.

  3. admin says:

    Lol, Great comment, Just to clarify, the models name is Vanessa Upton, and the role in the video game she was playing was Elxis Sinclaire. I’ll post some of those images next week. They’re amazing too!

    Great to hear you’re spending so much time on the website. We’ll have you as a member yet! Just imagine all those sexy latex girls in High-Definition :)


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